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Multi-conferences Logistics Conferences 2023

The multi-conference Logistics Conferences could not miss the one-of-a-kind exhibition "Supply Chain & Logistics" and "Cargo Truck & Van Expo". Multiple themes, discussion and reflection panels, research, innovative case studies, as well as announcements on new corporate practices, will once again take pride of place at LOGI.C 2023, highlighting the needs, concerns and challenges of the market, in an event that has been consistently bringing the entire industry together for 15 years.


Conference on Electromobility

City logistics and urban distribution are scaling up. The country’s inclusion in all European programmes for the development of alternative forms of energy and the investment in charging stations for new electric vehicles are shaping a new, modern reality. The electromobility is today’s demand, with major international car manufacturers investing in fully electric fleets of both heavy-duty trucks and city logistics vans, while studies on dual-fuel commercial fleets are now yielding maximum returns, creating real and reliable solutions for a market that is looking for and investing in new solutions.

The 4th edition of the exhibition will feature a conference that will present and address all these topical issues, gathering the interest of companies investing in green growth and electromobility.