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The Organizing company

O.MIND CREATIVES with 17 years of steady and successful course, is active in the highly demanding field of exhibitions & conference events, as well as, the publication of industry sector publications

With a staff of experienced executives and renowned partners, O.MIND CREATIVES with an extrovert orientation guarantees the perfect organization of the double exhibition, “CARGO TRUCK & VAN EXPO” and “SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS” which, working in combination, aim to maximize the commercial benefits through the promotion of transport and logistics services as well as material handling technologies and commercial vehicles in the Greek, European and global markets.

O.MIND CREATIVES has in its assets very successful business activities such as the organization of international exhibitions and conferences in the field of food industry, logistics and commercial vehicles. As a publishing company, O.MIND CREATIVES publishes the sectoral, professional magazines SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS, MEAT PLACE, GRILL MAGAZINE and DAIRY NEWS, provides online information through 4 high-traffic websites and manages a large number of informative social media accounts.

All the above activities of O.MIND CREATIVES place it in the five largest companies in Greece in the field of exhibition organization, based on the recent industry sectoral study of ICAP.

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